Is This You?

Career transitions present abundant opportunities for professional growth and also come with a fair amount of stress and uncertainty.

Are you…

  • Feeling uncertain about what is the best step forward for you?
  • Facing an enforced transition, having been let go by your current employer, and dealing with the stress and strong emotions caused by this situation?
  • Thinking that the support of an impartial and experienced lawyer coach could be useful in sorting out your various career options?
  • Feeling like you need to make a change but are not sure if the time is right or what action to take?

A career coach can help by providing confidential, experienced guidance. A coach is 100% on your team with no agenda except to help you reach your goals.

How Coaching Works

More than anything, coaching is about creating space and time amid the busy flow of life for deep thinking followed by action.

Coaching happens in conversation. Coach and client meet, and through the vehicle of powerful conversations, complex ideas and situations are explored, goals are set, action is planned, and valuable feedback is given.

The foundation of the relationship between client and coach is trust. Both parties must feel they may speak freely with the security of absolute confidentiality.

Your coach will also support you with:

  • Strategies for managing the stress, anger, or grief that can accompany some career transitions
  • A thorough analysis of your strengths, skills, and interests
  • Guidance on making career decisions that align with long-term goals
  • Review of career documents and strategy on supporting references
  • Advice on your LinkedIn and other social media profiles
  • Assistance with key messages about the transition and how to communicate these effectively
  • Preparation for job interviews

And when the new position is secured, your coach will assist you with the development of a “first thirty days” action plan.

The Coach

Allison Wolf is a career coach, trainer, and legal business development expert who works exclusively with lawyers. She has helped countless clients over the past 14 years as a coach and before that as a director of legal marketing for award-winning law firms.

She is passionate about helping her lawyer clients make successful transitions to more rewarding and fulfilling employment.

Visit her website at for more information.

Discover Coaching

Are you curious to learn more about coaching or to try a coaching session?

Getting started is simple: Please visit Allison’s online calendar to register for a thirty-minute complimentary phone or video call. She can tell you more about her coaching program and see if coaching could be a valuable resource for you at this time. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed beyond this first discussion. Allison looks forward to speaking with you!